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Power Washing Services:

We at Wilson Painting want your home to look its best! Eliminating green mildew, mold, insects, dirt, debris and sediment is a vital step before painting an exterior surface. Whether the exterior of a building or home, deck or driveway, our professionals will power wash and make your place shine! You can rely on the experts at Wilson Painting for professional power washing services.  

Pressure Washing Areas:

* Aggregate and Concrete Driveways 
* Sidewalks
* Pool Decks
* Brick and vinyl siding
* Cedar Shingles
* Fences
* Barns
* Concrete walls
* Porch Decks and Patios

Wallcovering Installation Services

If you need new wallpaper and you aren’t sure who to trust to get the job done right, you found the right place. At Wilson Painting, we remove old wallpaper and install new wall covering to keep your interior looking fresh and beautiful for years to come. To prevent wall damage Wilson Painting applies a vapor barrier coating to make sure there is minimal damage to drywall for any future repairs. Why not spare the headaches and get the job done right?!

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